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A Child of Promise was founded to support and guide families who are making the difficult choice to continue their pregnancies to term following an adverse prenatal diagnosis.
These diagnoses might range from such conditions as a limb abnormality or cleft palate, to more severe conditions such as Down’s syndrome or spina bifada, to fatal conditions such as anencephaly or Trisomy 13 or 18. In addition, families presented with options such as in-utero surgeries or a selective reduction in the case of multiples are welcome.

Are you feeling like there is no one on your side to support you in your choice to continue your pregnancy? Or do you just need someone to talk through the options you have to help you make a choice that you and your family can live with? We are here to help.

A Child of Promise is based on Christian principles and counsels from that foundation. However, you need not be of a Christian background to seek assistance here.

A Child of Promise offers one-on-one counseling with families who have found healing following continuing their own pregnancy following an adverse prenatal diagnosis. Our goal would be to also incorporate group support as our organization grows. This counseling is available in-person in the Memphis, TN area or by e-mail for those outside of the area.

Note: One difficulty in making this webpage, is providing advice equally to the variety of conditions which bring you to us. For some, the child's condition is not life-threatening, while for others their child will die before, at, or shortly after birth, and for still others their child will be miraculously healed. I hope that each of you will remember this as you glean whatever you can from these pages.